Dads often don't get the credit or love that they deserve, which is why Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover started Father Friday! It's time for the great dads in Buffalo and WNY to get some recognition! Meet our current honoree, Tyrell Brown!

At the end of each month, each of the Fathers will be entered into a random drawing to win a limited edition pair of Ray Bans from Dr. Beyer! Dr. Beyer Opticals - for a look that’s on fire, you gotta call Dr. Beyer! 646-EXAM!

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  • Meet February 9th's Dad, Tyrell Brown!!!

    Tyrell is dad to a 7-month-old son. He was nominated by Kaylie Howard, who says "He is a great father all around he works hard works a lot off overtime and works overnights on the weekends. Just got promoted at his job and is all about his son he always makes sure he's good, even asking me if he can go the extra mile to do something. He is a great father and needs recognition because he's a hard worker and still makes it a priority for his daddy duties. I nominate him so he can see that he is doing a great job even for being a young father." Keep being a great daddy Ty, we salute you!!

  • Meet February 2nd's Dad, Daniel Jelks III!!

    Daniel is dad to 1 a daughter, 3-year-old Khalia. he was nominated by Rachael Romaine, who says, he is "always going above and beyond for his daughter! They are best friends! He is so loving and caring never backs down from his responsibilities!" Keep being a great dad to your little girl Daniel!! We salute you!!

  • Meet January 26th's Dad, Lavone Brown

    Lavone is dad to 2-year-old Jayce. He was nominated by Alycea, who says "He's an amazing father. Even though we are no longer together he is still an amazing father to our son. The bond they have is amazing! The way my son eye's light up when he sees his father makes me day. He deserves to know I do notice the love they share and will forever have!"

  • Meet January 19th's Dad, Nicholas Woodard!!

    Nicholas is dad to 2 daughters, Tiana, 3-years-old and Alayna, 1-years-old. He was nominated Brittany Sherk, who says "My fiance works two jobs to provide every and any the girls want or need. All of his extra time he spends with his babies, no matter how exhausted he is. Our first born had a hard time adjusting to sharing her daddy with her baby sister, Nick makes sure he always does something special with/for her so that she knows she is an awesome big sister and not loved any less. I couldn't ask for a better side-kick!" That's awesome, keep being a great daddy Nick!

  • Meet January 12th's Dad, Duncan Kirkwood!!

    Duncan is the dad of three children, Destini Houston, age 8, Elijah Kirkwood, age 8 and Raina Kirkwood, age 7. He was nominated by his wife Carolyn, who says "Duncan is one of the most incredible fathers I've ever seen. Since we have been dating (and now married) he has treated my two daughter as his own. He has been an inspiration to them, and consistently pushed them to believe in themselves. He is a very involved parent, from attending open houses and dealing with the school bus company, to attending every recital." Keep being a great father Duncan!!

  • Meet January 5th's Dad, Dekiah Whitfield!!

    Dekiah is the father of 5 Kids - ages 22, 21, 18, 11, and 4!Nakeya Jenkins, who nominated him says, " I'm the mother of his youngest child and I've witness this man go above and beyond for every single one of his kids. He has a heart of gold very kind hearted and sweet his kids are literally his best friends. Not to mention he is a single dad of my son Dekiah Jr. I currently live in another state he holds my son down like i would and thats very rare. He works a regular job that doesn't pay much but he makes it happen for those kids. If anyone deserves recognition he definitely does. My son and the rest of his are very blessed to have him." Keep being a great dad!!

  • Meet December 29th's Dad, Michael Jackson Jr.!!

    Michael is dad to 5 children! He was nominated by Jasmaine, who says "The father my husband is to our children is irreplaceable. When God gave us him there was no room for competition. He gave us the ultimate package!"

  • Meet December 15th's Dad, Willie Morris!!

    Willie is dad to a 1-year-old son! Krystal, who nominated her, says "I would like to nominate my child's father, Willie Morris Jr., because he takes the role of being dad very seriously and goes above-and-beyond for our 1-year-old son, Willie Morris III. I work full-time and attend school full time so he holds the household down when I'm not around, in addition to working 40+ hours a week! I admire him for setting such a great example for others out in the community, as well as my son having an amazing role model to look up to.. we are both lucky to have a man like him!" Keep being a great dad Willie!!

  • Meet December 8th's Dad, Tommy Brown

    Tommy is dad to 10-year-old Anthony, but has helped many kids who were not biologically his. Jennifer, who nominated him says, "I am nominating him because of the hard work he has been doing not only to care for kids that are not biologically his but to keep improving himself so he can be a great role model for his son. He has become so selfless and rarely does for him. Its all for the kids."

  • Meet December 1st's Dad, Larry Gidron!!

    Larry is dad to 4 children, Larry Jr, 20, Le'Shyah, 10, Larry 8, Lynda, 3! Belinda, who nominated him says " Larry is an excellent father who goes above and beyond for his family. He is currently working 60 hrs per week to keep his family good. We just recently opened a business doing custom gold grillz and if it wasnt for him working we wouldnt be able to keep up with the over head plus our other husband put me in a position to be a full time mother as well as a business owner while still maintaining his full time job and our family. He in my eyes is one of the hardest working men in buffalo and i couldn't be more proud of him!" Keep being an amazing dad Larry!1 We salute you!


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