Aside from reports that Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) had some problems re-entering into the U.S., he's been pretty much out of the limelight lately. But in a Hypetrak TV interview, the rapper-activist updated his fans on his current projects and moving to South Africa, among other things.

As far as new music, Bey says he's working on multiple releases simultaneously, but he didn't reveal any dates or specific time frames.

"It's all over the map," he said. "There's stuff that I'm producing. The Manny Fresh project is coming together, [it's] 80 percent done. Blackstar on deck, Black Jack Johnson, Watermelon Syndicate with Big Bang. More than I can name. Me, I'm just staying focused and working on a lot of different areas in media."

In addition, the 'Black on Both Sides' creator said he's getting into producing more, and he also gave advice to rap artists who are looking to push the envelope, but still be successful.

"Information is pretty lateral at this point," he states. "So I don't think there's any real mainstream to travel to at this point. I think if the work is good and consistent, and you just keep at it, you'll find your contemporaries, your crew, people who appreciate and value you, for sure.

And about moving to Capetown, South Africa, Bey says it all has to do with how the city makes him feel.

"You've got to be where you feel good," he explains. "I guess it's like any place when you find a house or an apartment, it's more of an emotional's more of a soul connection than it is necessarily a logical rational connection, and it all makes sense for me."

Watch Yasiin Bey talk about his future plans and his new life in South Africa in the video above.

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