Last week, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), was arrested in Cape Town, South Africa for failing to present an authorized passport. The rapper’s rep has come forward to explain the situation and debunk any rumors.

In speaking with OkayAfrica, the rep maintains that the allegations against Bey are totally false. Apparently, the rapper was traveling with two other individuals to perform at the Selam Music Festival in Ethiopia when he was detained at Cape Town International airport because he was using a World Passport.

Bey was using a World Passport in support of the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights. However, most national governments don't accept World Passports because it's not issued by a legitimate government authority and have been used in the past to falsify identities.

According to the rep, Bey was arrested for allegedly using a false and fraudulent document. The rep also believes that officials at the airport violated Bey's human rights to pursue his profession.

When asked how come Bey doesn't use his U.S. passport, the rep stated that the 42-year-old rapper-actor considers himself a "world citizen" and doesn't use it for political reasons.

There's no word on Bey's future plans, but the "Mathematics" rapper has 14 days to leave South Africa or he will subsequently be banned from the country for five years.

Hopefully, Yasiin Bey can rectify his passport situation and continue his good deeds in South Africa and abroad.

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