Intern KJ came back to pull together some hot new videos “For The Road” that pop like “Bang Bang”, so let’s “Bounce” with Wyclef Jean, Iggy Azalea, Pusha T and Tyga and put some “Numbers on the Board” for this month’s last NewTube Thursday!


Wyclef Jean -- Bang Bang Bang

The statement “Shoot First, Think Last” holds a lot of truth. It is one of the reasons why no one is safe from gun violence because a bullet has no name. In “Bang Bang Bang”, Wyclef expresses his feelings towards this heartbreaking epidemic that corrupts our streets. He is so passionate about this subject; his guitar is even a gun! Stop the Violence, and let’s be better as a nation.

Pusha T -- Numbers on the Board

Pusha T came hard on this track, so there’s no surprise that the video matched. "Numbers on the Board" is an open invite to get to know Mr. Pusha himself, and with his lyrics and facial expressions, there is no room for misinterpretations.

Iggy Azalea -- Bounce

Iggy brought her hip-hop flare to Bollywood, showcasing clothing, choreography and Indian culture in this video. Grand Hustle is definitely getting their hustle on with this artist! She has the potential to cross over to any genre. Click the link and watch Iggy bounce on that India wave while riding on an elephant.

Tyga ft. Chris Brown -- For the Road

Tyga and Chris team up once again, and this time before saying deuces, they put up an interesting proposition. These suave gentleman sure know how to make it hard for a women to just walk away. That may explain why Chris always gets his women back!

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