Amazon continues to innovate like no other. We sure you have enabled your skill and is now able to open your favorite station by saying ALEXA open "Power 93" but now Amazon has moved way beyond Skills.

They are working on a feature that analyzes your tone/speech and taps directly into your emotion to know if something bad is going on with you. They have patented a new version of Alexa that detects when you sick and will immediately place a order for medicine. This according to a Amazon press release.

There was one example given in the patent is a woman coughing and sniffling while she speaks to her Amazon Echo device. Alexa first suggests some chicken soup to cure her cold, and then offers to order cough drops on Amazon.The patent filing also covers the tracking of emotions using Alexa. Amazon describes a system where Alexa can tell by your voice if you’re feeling bored and tired, and then it would suggest things to do for those moods. What's next for Alexa? It seems like the sky could be the limit.

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