Check Your Furry Friend’s Food There’s a Dog Food Recall
We always want to keep our furry friends safe and healthy. That is why it is important to get the word out when there is a dog food recall. There are multiple dog food bands that are on the list due to high levels of a product that could make dogs sick if they consume it in large quantities.
WOW:The new version of Alexa could know when your ill
Amazon continues to innovate like no other. We sure you have enabled your skill and is now able to open your favorite station by saying ALEXA open "Power 93" but now Amazon has moved way beyond Skills.
They are working on a feature that analyzes your tone/speech and taps directly in…
Chipotle Is BACK!
Chipotle had a nightmare take place with their food making 50 people sick in 9 Different States including one person in Buffalo.
Chipotle is BACK however due to the CDC announcing that the E-Coli ( and other problems with their food) has been remedied...