Roller skating has always been a favorite past-time for many people in Buffalo, there were a few places that back in the days that everyone loved to go and hear their favorite skating jams. Some of the roller rinks that were popular back in the 80s were Thruway Skating, The Arena, New Skateland, and The Carousel. Another popular event that took place back in days was 7 pm to 7 am skating at the New Skateland, Buffalo teenagers would literally go to the rink when it opened at 7 pm and would not leave until the next morning.

The music that is played is really what makes a good skating party, and during the 80s, there were some really good staking songs that everyone loved to skate to, and they are still popular to this day. Although this list could be even longer than ten, here are the ones that are at the top of this list from the 80s.

  1. Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith
  2. Another One Bites The Dust by Queen
  3. Bounce Rock Skate By Vaughan Mason & Crew
  4. Wanna Be Startin Somethin By Michael Jackson
  5. Lookout Weekend By Debbie Deb
  6. Planet Rock By Afrikan Bambaataa
  7. Rapper's Delight By The Sugar Hill Gang
  8. Jam On It By Newcleus
  9. Litlle Red Corvette By Prince
  10. Ain't Nobody By Chaka Khan
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Skating is still very popular today in Buffalo, and just like back in the day, there are a few places in Buffalo that everyone loves to hit up each week for some exercise and to hear their favorite jams for today and back in the day.

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