Honestly I do not beleive this, I don't hear this often unless one of my friends try to fake an accent but this is wild. Imagine having a serious headache and then BOOM you have a permeant British accent. that’s exactly what happened to a young lady in Arizona.

CNN Told Wire, the woman went to bed with a severe headache and when she woke up she was changed person well Changed voice person lol.

She had a whole legit British accent. Medical professionals say she has a rare condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome. I Honestly feel like they just made that up on the spot usually a rare condition has some long Acronyms but this straight to the point

Basically Foreign Accent Syndrome is a rare condition that comes after somebody has a stroke or other medical issues.

Check The video Below

Citizens What do y'all think is she faking it or do you beleive its actually syndrome.

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