Pizza is probably the most universally liked food. Seriously, who doesn't like pizza? Sure, there are certain kinds and styles of pizza people don't enjoy, but generally speaking, everyone enjoys pizza.

I think it's a safe bet that most people prefer either cheese or cheese and pepperoni but I love a good meat lovers pizza or even a ricotta and spinach pizza.

What about fruit, though?

Pineapple on pizza might be the most polarizing food take anyone could have, but is it possible to have other fruit on pizza? Maybe something like peaches?

One pizzeria in Buffalo has decided to do just that.

Macy's Place Pizzeria is famous for its pizza creations and off-the-wall toppings and styles, and their latest creation is putting peaches on pizza.

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According to Macy's Place, it features pizza crust, local peaches, ricotta and goat cheese, prosciutto, pumpkin seed, and balsamic dressing.

I would try it. Not saying it's shocking, because anytime you see something like a peach on a pizza it takes you back a bit, but I'm very intrigued by the rest of the ingredients. Ricotta and goat cheese are mild-tasting and work well with so many different foods, so I think those are great choices for this pizza creation.

What about you? Would you eat a pizza with peaches on it? Pineapple?

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