According to new numbers reported by the Erie County Department of Health, there more people in the hospital yesterday than were at the height of the coronavirus crisis this past spring.

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As more data is compiled and released about recent COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, it really does look like WNY is on the way to going into the Red Zone.

On Monday, November 23rd, Erie County reported more than 600 new positive cases of COVID-19. There were also 264 people with COVID-19 symptoms that they needed to be admitted to local hospitals.

The number of hospitalizations is significant because it has set a new record for admissions. The previous record was set back in April with 258 admissions.

By all accounts, it looks like these numbers are going to continue to increase.

If things continue to go in this direction, we’re going to have a rough winter. I know I am not alone in hoping this COVID-19 thing would have started to die down by now.

Please do your part to slow the spread because lives truly depend on it.

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