Are you looking to improve your smile? It's been an issue for me for years. We all want our pearly whites to look pretty and straight. That's why the wise choice for achieving a beautiful smile is Owl Orthodontics.

I went to Owl Orthodontics to see Dr. Walla. He told me straight up my teeth aren't very bad, but proved how much worse they could get by showing me pictures of other people's mouths.


This is the 3rd week I’ve had Invisalign in and no one can tell it’s there! They’re clear, so people don’t even notice I’m having work done on my teeth. I couldn’t do those bulky braces. It’s not for me. After three weeks of wearing my Invisalign, I already see changes with my teeth!

They are too cool at Owl Orthodontics. Dr. Walla and I talked about stuff I would have never expected to talk about. I mean, we even talked about the pair of Jordan Retro 3s I had on. The staff is amazing too. They’re not your average orthodontist, that’s for sure. Everyone is young and cool but they all know what they’re doing. They definitely stand out as one of the greats!

I’m not bragging about Owl Orthodontics, but they’ve treated more Invisalign cases than anyone else in Western New York. They are fast--as soon as I check in at my appointment, they are ready to call me back. And they are great with patients of all ages. I see kids as young as seven years old in there.

Why wouldn't you want to go to here, my friends? It's the wise choice! They have six convenient locations in Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence, Grand Island, Depew and Buffalo, so there's bound to be an office near you.


To recap:

  • I wanted straight teeth
  • I went to Owl Orthodontics
  • They had some crazy cool technology that other orthodontists don't have
  • We talked
  • We laughed
  • I got my Invisaligns in just a week

Boom, Straight Teeth Wire coming soon! Go get yourself some Invisalign for straight teeth in 2019!

For more information or to schedule your free consultation, check them out online here or call 832-1550!

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