Winter in Buffalo is made a lot better by some incredible local breweries making tasty winter beers.

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Our winters are cold and snowy. That's not breaking news. Now, is it as bad as the national media say it is? No not even close. Unless you live in the Southern Tier where mother nature decides every winter to plop every inch of snow. Hey, good for Kissing Bridge and the lot.

Something we're becoming known nationally for, aside from winter weather, is our craft beer. We have some of the very best craft breweries in the region and dare we say nation. Buffalo and Western New York have exploded over the past decade with new, innovative, and frankly delicious craft beers in all categories.

Winter, though, is special for our local crafter breweries. They make beer that will warm your bones, even though it's cold.

Now, I am far from what many would consider a “Beer Expert”, so don’t go being all judgy on my list.  These are beers, that I personally dig the flavors of, and think that you will enjoy as you try to escape the manic screams of Mariah.  From stouts to ales, this list is sure to have something that will tickle your fancy.

So get ready to hunker down with 6 of the best winter brews Buffalo has to offer.

Here is A Tantalizing 6 pack of Winter Buffalo Beers

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