Just added to all the craziness and controversy surrounding our 2016 General Election is now an announcement by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that they are "examining" possible terrorist threats against 3 States on "Election Eve".

The News of the FBI looking into this are 100% credible, however the "threats" themselves may not be ...this is why the FBI is looking into things further.  WGRZ News spoke with Local Former FBI Buffalo Supervisor, Bernie Tolbert, and was quoted as saying this:

"My understanding is our intelligence community is picking up chatter that might suggest the same thing," said Bernie Tolbert, a former FBI Buffalo Supervisor. "...but nothing specific, nothing they can articulate to say there's gonna be something at this place and this time but you hear a lot of talk."

"Given this election , which is not the typical election, I think obviously it gets more attention," he said. "And for a terrorist, their whole idea is to get as much attention as they can. So it's quite natural that they might potentially target our election."

"Absolutely go out and vote," he said. "I mean, if you don't go out and vote because of something like this, they win. They've done exactly what they they want to do. So you should go out and live life as you normally would, do the things you normally would do. Just as I always say, if you see something that seems strange, tell the professionals. Let them figure out if there's anything to it."


The FBI has not called for any panic and urges people to continue doing whatever you do normally ... just be aware of any suspicious activity you see and report it immediately.

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