Have you ever just sat back and thought about how most black comedians and black comedy movies continue to carry over the jokes of the past from generation to generation? We do not realize how some of the same jokes that reflect our cultural behavior is passed down from one generation to the next; and then we always wonder why our culture of people have such a difficult time in breaking certain cycles. Naturally if we see our behavior as nothing but a joke and we are not conscious of what we are doing to ourselves, we will never be able to differentiate the illusion from reality!

Now Tyler Perry has another installment of his cross dressing grandmother character hitting theatres in April and our community will flock to the theatres to get another fix of straight buffoonery that does nothing to enhance the condition of our people!

To see the trailer click here: http://www.bvonmovies.com/2011/02/25/watch-tyler-perry-madeas-big-happy-family-full-trailer/