Summer is winding down and the new school year swings in full gear in less than 4 weeks! The Class of 2020 is entering middle school, while class of 2016 prepares for life as a High School freshman.

So as us parents prepare for back to school for the latest gear and high tech school supplies, WBLK wants to formally introduce you to Generation Z.

Besides how much does a 30 yr old know about teens today?


Generation Y?  That was so 10 years ago!

As decades come and go quicker than ever in this digital age, the generation gap widens just as quick! Our needs and wants have changed. Our parents are living longer, Adults are have babies sooner, our youth are dying younger, and through all of this our teens are being forgotten.

Generation Z lives online, literally!  From the day they were born, their pic has been posted on social media from a mobile device. These kids born in the early 2000's are also known as the 9/11 or the Forgotten generation.



Allow me to shine the Queen City Spotlight on these kids so we can see live from their perspective.

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I want to know: what's life like for you growing up in an era where money is tight, parents are losing their jobs, everyone is an instant message away and your life is judged by your online "Status"? And why don't ya'll answer your phone calls!!

Parents, feel free to send us photos and stories about raising your GenZ baby.

As generation X&Y we have to take the time out to listen to our children, understand their reality and help them integrate with life offline, in the community and in the workplace. We have to build a foundation and guidelines so they can follow us like they follow these celebrities; so let's stand up and become community celebrities and set an example for our future stars.

Join us online #OpGenZ up until the first day of school and let's work together to save Generation Z!

Next Week's Topic: Information Overload: Pros & Cons of growing up digital

Intern Sade contributed to this post.




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