Fetty Wap excited the MTV Movie Awards Show last night with an epic performance with Fall Out Boy that had many asking "Who is Fetty Wap?". He's best known for his catchy hood love song "Trap Queen". Get to know him in this exclusive interview.

Watching Fall Out Boy sing "I be in the kitchen cookin pies with my baby" made me night!!

In this interview by Global Grid, Fetty talks about his overnight success, the woman behind "Trap Queen," his love for Gucci Mane, growing up as a child, and changing his name.

I first heard of Fetty Wap from a radio executive in New York City with his ears to the street of the Jersey Scene. He told me "Trap Queen" was gonna be a BIG record. I didn't quite see the appeal back in December 2014, but a few months later the song was everywhere!! I was shocked to see on his Instagram that something is seriously wrong with his left eye, yet he doesn't hide behind sunglasses. In an interview with Sirius XM Radio he talks about what happened to his eye!

“When I was little…I had got into an accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes. The doctor saved one, so I was blessed to still have my vision.”

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