I found a website that changes English to slang so I thought I'd play around with it to see what happens.

So here we go...I came across an article on the BuzzFeed Website that lists the Best (or most used) Slang words for each State. The Best (or most used) Slang Word listed for New York State is the word 'deadass'! Well, I don't know about you, but although I've heard the word used, it's not one I hear consistently among the people I'm around. I'd say the slang I hear most often is 'WassUp'!

What are the most used Slang words you use or hear (Comment Below)?

Here are some you may be familiar with:

  • Wavvy
  • Lit
  • Cool
  • Turn Up
  • Awesome
  • Hang Out
  • Hook Up
  • Chill / Chill Out
  • Amped
  • NoWhaImSayn?
  • What Up Doe?
  • What It Do?
  • OMG!

Here's another cool 'Slang' related item...A website that translates English into Slang ... lol!


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