A New York SPCA shared a wonderful story about a lost dog who was reunited with its owner, one day before being adopted, and gave all New Yorkers great tips to follow if ever lose your dog.

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The Ulster County SPCA recently shared a story about a lost dog that was found by its owner one day before it was going to be adopted to another family.

A dog named Diamond, a German Shepherd, ran out of her yard chasing deer and got lost. She was found by a family in Port Ewen who took her home and posted her to Lost Pets of The Hudson Valley where she was seen and reported to the Dog Control Officer.

She was then given to the Ulster County SPCA who also posted about the lost dog on social media.

"Somehow, her owners, looking everywhere for her, still didn't see where she was located," the Ulster County SPCA stated. "But an interesting six degrees of separation reunited Diamond with her family!"

The dog was found near Spinnenweber P F V LLC in Port Ewen. The owners of the hardware store are German Shepherd dog owners, so the Ulster County SPCA contacted them to see if they knew the dog. Although they didn't, once her stray hold had expired, they expressed interest in adopting her.

The day the family was going to adopt Diamond, they made a delivery.

"That delivery was to Diamond's owner, Juan, who happened to mention he was searching for their lost dog. When shown her photo on the UCSPCA website, he joyfully confirmed she was his missing dog! Juan came the next day - the day she would have been adopted - and was happily reunited with Diamond. It's amazing what the network of community can do for the love of a dog!," the Ulster County SPCA wrote on Facebook.

While sharing the news the Ulster County SPCA also gave dog owners tips to follow if you lose your dog:

  • Always notify the Dog Control Officer of your municipality when finding or losing a dog
  • Check all of the shelters in your area
  • Use social media to notify people in your area
  • Never give up looking - you just never know what is going to work to reunite your dog and your family

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