Although it's hard to think about looking outside your window at today's gorgeous sunshine, we're used to bad weather around this time of year in Buffalo. The winter brings snow, ice and generally bad conditions, sometimes as early as October. We also get our fair share of wind and rain from East Coast tropical storms.

But both together? It could happen next week.

Meteorologists are currently keeping a close eye on Hurricane Sandy -- also dubbed "Frankenstorm" due to the hurricane's size and potential for damage (and possibly because it's so close to Halloween?) -- which is expected to pound the East Coast with heavy winds and rain this weekend and early next week. Sandy is said to be even more dangerous than last year's Hurricane Irene.

Here in Buffalo, Hurricane Sandy is expected to bring that heavy wind and rain, but also potentially snow, as that rain mixes with the cooler temperatures we'll have in Western New York.

But I'm no meteorologist, so I'm going to let Channel 2's Andy Parker explain what we Buffalonians have to look forward to:

Get your rain (and/or snow!) gear ready, Buffalo!