What is exactly nomophobia, it is the fear of not having your cell phone. Yes this is the latest medical phenom studies have found that there is a 10% rise on this made up phobia. Who makes this stuff up ? People can make up any type of ailment do a study and validate something as an illness. If this is a valid sickness/phobia, what is the cure ? What about people who don't have cell phones can they still fall victim to nomophobia ?

Better yet what happens when your cell phone is turned off for non payment the phone companies should have to turn it on because you are suffering from nomophobia right ? This all sounds like non sense to me and a good way for some one to sell something. I can see it now buy Dr ______ (insert name there) new book "Dealing With Nomophobia" a practical guide to dealing with the disease hurting America in its highest form. I can tell you a better name for the disease especially when it comes to men who keep their cell phones with them all the time "CHEATERS". Hold on im dropping to much information now, welcome the disease of Nomophobia and its sufferers to THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

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