Last night the Bulls received the biggest seed ever for any Mac team. That is absolutely a huge accomplishment for the entire program. What a season these boys had and it will continue the is Friday in Tusla. Below is a break down of about how much it would cost if you want to see UB play on Friday.

Lets start with you flight. I looked it up and flights to  Tulsa, Oklahoma, are around $600.If you want to take a bus, prepare for a long journey. A Greyhound bus trip will take about 27 hours and will cost around $100.Takes about 16 hours to drive and that's  google maps and gas has just gone up.Tickets for the game start at $50 each.

Then hotels in the are run about $100-150 a night. Sounds like alot but all you need to do is use that tax money. Go Bulls.

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