I was browsing the internet to try and find information as to the best location to Trick or Treat in Buffalo ... I found the info (click the button below to get the results of that inquiry).

After finding the info, I wanted to see if there was a YouTube Video with the same info.  I found the info on YouTube as well, just not specific to Buffalo.  I did however find another  very intriguing YouTube Video entitled, 'Rare Vintage 8mm Film: PS 74, Buffalo, NY - Halloween, 1932.  The Video shows what appears to be children, who attended the Hamlin Park School, going into school, in 1932, dressed in Halloween garb.

So I called and told my wife what I had found and wanted her to see the video.  I wanted her to see the video because I felt there was something missing and wanted to see if she saw what I saw.  But before I could get to that, she blurted out...'I WENT TO THAT SCHOOL', which was very surprising to me...based upon my reason for wanting her to see the video and ask her if she saw what I saw...or didn't see in the video.  Before I could chime back in, she revealed even more info which added to my initial surprise regarding her having gone to this school which she identified as School # 74 (which I initially though may have been Park School due to the name Hamlin Park School) ... she informed me that her daughter graduated from that same school and that her Grandson, Gavin, currently attends this same school.  Her response confirmed what I was thinking and wanted her and you to see...and that is... the strange reality such that things have changed so drastically in a matter of only 70 years.  The video was eye opening in that there is not evidence of mot one Black student or adult anywhere within the Vintage 1932 Halloween video.  It made me realize how different things were as opposed to today and also made me wonder where the Black students did go to school in Buffalo in 1932, when schools were segregated.

Well, instead of finding out, I had an ironic revelation, just prior to beginning to look for the answer as to where Blacks went to school in Buffalo in 1932.  I found the following Ironic video regarding Hamiln Park School #74.

Here's what Hamlin Park School #74 looks like today:

These two videos not only serve as to what Halloween looked like in 1932, but also serves as a depiction of what Racism looked like as well.

Despite division and discrimination in the past, I want to wish you and your children, regardless of race, a Happy Halloween this year, no matter where or who you are.

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