The West Seneca Police are set to hold their Annual Property and Bicycle Auction this weekend.

The auction will be held on June 18th starting at 11 am at the police headquarters garage, located between the West Seneca Town Hall and the West Seneca Ice Rink. Bikes, electronics, and other property that has been reported lost or stolen by the police over the past year will now go up for auction.

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During previous auctions, the West Seneca Police stated that bikes have sold for anywhere from $1 to $300 dollars.

Of course, since it was the West Seneca Police who were posting on Twitter, you know they were having some fun with their posts. Check out some of their Tweets leading up to the auction.


There is no cost to attend the police auction and the only form of payment will be cash. You will have a chance to preview all the items up for auction starting at 10:30 am.


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