A mother wants answers after her son's body was moved in cemetery!

Credit: WIVB

Robin Hatton's son's grave has been moved from its original location at St. Matthew's Cemetery. She had been turned away from visiting his grave on Easter, due to construction, according to WIVB. Brandyn Mallory had been killed in a hit-and-run in 2017. His grave-site was located in the Garden of Good Shepherd section, which runs along Cayuga Creek. Cemetery officials said they had to move 220 graves because the land was falling apart. Engineers told cemetery officials that the graves had to be moved, so a wall could be put up.

"It was determined what happened was called a classic 'shear failure,' where these soils deposited during the Ice Age along the banks of the Cayuga Creek, and one particular cemetery section, has scoured away, and the cliff bank began to fail,"

St. Matthew's Cemetery President Joseph Dispenza said to WIVB.

Hatton says she will hire an attorney. She is worried that there could be a mix-up in bodies, although officials say they are taking special care to move each body.

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