All of this damp weather in Erie County isn’t just putting a damper on our last-minute summer plans - it's making it a prime time for mosquitos to breed - and some of them have been detected to have West Nile virus. 

The Dangers Of West Nile Virus

West Nile virus is an RNA virus primarily transmitted by mosquitoes, and according to the CDC is the highest cause of mosquito-borne illness in the United States. 

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Although most people infected with West Nile virus won’t show symptoms, about 1 in 5 will develop symptoms like fever, headache, vomiting, and/or a rash.

Approximately 1 in 150 people who contract West Nile virus will have severe, and maybe even fatal symptoms.

West Nile Virus Has Been Found In Erie County

The Erie County Department Of Health announced that West Nile virus has been detected in local mosquitoes that have been collected in a recent surveillance pool test, and they warn that mosquitoes that carry West Nile could probably be found “in all municipalities” of the county. 

They’re advising Erie County residents to do their best to avoid standing water in their yards by making sure their pool covers don't have puddles of water on top, changing the water frequently in their planters and bird baths, cleaning the debris out of their gutters, limiting outdoor activities in prime mosquito hours (usually at dawn and dusk), steering clear of wooded areas, and protecting themselves by wearing long sleeves at night and using bug spray. 

Let’s do our best to not only stay dry in this wet Western New York weather but also stay safe from mosquitoes.

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