Those who don't live in Buffalo and Western New York truly do not realize how great we have it.

Yes, the weather here is bad from January through March (and even into April) but the food here is awesome, the City of Buffalo has tons of water around it for the summertime, and the people are incredible.

Our grocery stores are another thing we love. It's hard to find a region with better grocery stores than Western New York.

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Tops and Wegmans are not just here, they're a way of life for many Buffalonians, and there is a ton of locations for both Tops and Wegmans.

The cool part is that Wegmans, one of Buffalo's favorite stores, is expanding beyond the reaches of New York and the northeast.

A new Wegmans location had its grand opening on Wednesday in the Washington D.C. area. It's the nation's capital's first Wegmans location.

Check out some of the photos of the brand new Wegmans.

There was a line outside the door before it opened.

There were even Buffalo Bills shirts spotted inside the new Wegmans, clearly Buffalo transplants who have since moved away.

I love watching people move to Buffalo and experience a Wegmans or Tops for the first time. They're always shocked that we have them and we have SO many locations. Seriously, they're everywhere here.

You can make fun of Buffalo for a lot of stereotypical reasons, but you can't mock our plethora of great grocery stores.

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