Surprisingly, the wealthiest zip code in Western New York is actually in Buffalo. Data Zip Maps compiled the wealthiest zips in WNY based on the United States Internal Revenue Service's data from 2018. Coming in at #1 was the zip code 14202 in Buffalo. The 'Adjusted Gross Income' is $225,910, almost double that of the #2 wealthiest zip code in Clarence (which has an AGI of $134690) and almost five times the 14202 zip code's 'Median Household Income' of $46,439.

It makes sense that it's the wealthiest zip code in WNY, it's where City Hall is located and much of downtown Buffalo. Of course that's where lots of big money salaries and properties are. Buffalo's downtown has definitely changed for the better. When I first announced that I was moving here in 2015, a lot of people in Charlotte (where I last lived), who were from Buffalo, warned me about going downtown. Thankfully it changed because our studios are downtown, so I had no choice but to frequent the area.

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Here are some of the notable landmarks in the wealthiest zip code:

Buffalo City Hall

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The Curtiss Hotel

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Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

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The Westin Hotel - Patina 250

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A good portion of Buffalo's entertainment district, Chippewa Street, is also in the zip code. Chippewa recently underwent a million-dollar makeover. If you've been downtown over the past six months, you've noticed that trying to drive on Chippewa Street has been impossible. There was constant construction and closures. Well, now the $8 million-dollar improvement project is finished.

Some of the new improvements to Buffalo's entertainment district are:

- Wider sidewalks
- New curbs
- New pavement
- New overhead lighting

If you're looking to live high on the hog, here are some lofts for rent in WNY's wealthiest zip code:

- Lofts Buffalo 18 St. Louis Place - 18 St Louis Pl, Buffalo, NY 14202
- Bosche Lofts - 918 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202
- The J.R. Barrington Loft Apts - 686 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202
- The 499 at Franklin - 499 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202
- Ansonia Centre - 712 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202

If you want to be wealth-affiliated, but don't quite have the budget for the rich lifestyle right now,  there is a brand new affordable housing complex that is accepting applications and is not too far from the 14202 zip code. The $76 million complex at 201 Ellicott Street will be open to residents soon.

The location will provide Buffalonians with 201 mixed-income affordable homes. The complex was built on a former city-owned parking lot, which underwent brownfield remediation first. The building has 131 one-bedroom apartments and 70 two-bedroom apartments.

Most apartments are affordable to households earning at or below 60 percent of the Area Median Income. 44 apartments are affordable to households earning up to 80 percent of the AMI.

There are quite a few amenities at 201 Ellicott Street, including Buffalo's first mobility hub which is designed to encourage residents to walk, bike, take public transit, and carshare. There's also an onsite gym, laundry facilities on each floor, a community room, and bicycle storage. There is also an outdoor recreational area and residents will enjoy an onsite Reddy Bike station.

Leasing for the units is currently open and you can reach out to Belmont Housing by calling (716) 884-7791 or visiting its website if you are interested.

201 Ellicott Street

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