Although there has not been a change here in Buffalo yet, gas prices all around New York state are going up, this could be a problem for many people that have made plans to take road trips for summer vacations. Like many families, I prefer to drive when on vacation with the family, we make rules, downtime for cell phones and music, which at that time, we really try to play games and talk with each other. Now, gas prices are on the rise again, we may just re-think our traveling plans. According to WIVB, the national average has gone up. last week the average price in New York was $3.15 and the average price nationally was $3.10.

I think the demand for gas is going to cause an increase in gas prices. Now that students are out of school there are going to be more people on the roads. It has been a long time since daily crude prices were this high. I think this could possibly further impact truck sales as well, right now the automotive industry is still taking a hit in the new truck sales department because of the famous computer chip issue. I personally think more people are going to be in the market for smaller engine SUVs and cars again.

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In surrounding cities like Rochester, Syracuse, and Batavia residents are starting to see higher prices, which is another reason why I think Buffalo could possibly be next to take a price increase at the gas pumps.

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