Those who have had a loved one pass away are often looking for small signs that the person is still with them and watching over them -- like pennies found in odd places or at important moments.

The next few days, weeks and months are going to be important moments for those in Oklahoma devastated by the recent string of deadly tornados, filled with recovery, rebuilding and healing. And we want our listeners to be the ones sending those small signs of hope.

So WBLK is banding together with our sister stations -- Joy FM, Jack FM and WYRK -- for our Pennies From Heaven collection to raise money for Red Cross relief efforts...and we need YOU to help!

You've got an empty jar, basket, cup, ballcap, etc.? Put it on your desk at work and ask coworkers to help out; set it out at your child's lemonade stand this weekend and collect "tips" to donate; teachers, have your kids find a fun way to raise a few bucks. Even the smallest donation will help -- we're calling this PENNIES From Heaven, after all!

Donations will be accepted at all Western New York Key Bank locations. Just tell them you'd like to make a deposit to Townsquare Media of Buffalo Inc. Pennies From Heaven To Oklahoma. We encourage you to roll any loose change and convert any foreign currency before arriving at Key Bank. Check deposits are also welcome.

You can make a donation any time now through the end of June. As of June 3, over $1,500 has been raised!!

Let us know where you've placed a donation jar using the form below, and we'll send you a sign to put with it, so everyone knows you're part of the effort.