I did a post earlier this year talking about the push to vote.  You hear it constantly; people, commercials, signs, all urging you to vote.  Well that's all well and goof but vote for who...or what?  I mean you could go and JUST VOTE and vote strictly Democrat or Republican ... but Party Lines don't necessarily identify what a particular candidate supports or doesn't support...so it's extremely important to KNOW who and what you're voting for.  Makes sense right?

To make this an easier process for you, the link below will allow you to input where you are (address) which will connect you to a page showing you where you need to go to vote.  There's also a page that identifies each Candidate running, which position they're running for and there's even a link that easily compares each Candidate and what issues they support.

it's ver important that you know what your doing when you vote...so educate yourself here and Don't Just Vote ... Vote Responsibly.

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