If you have any questions whatsoever, this is place and time to conveniently ask and be provided an answer.  We are planning a WBLK Town Hall Meeting to air on Sunday, April 26th from 10 am  12 noon. with Doctors and Pubic Officials whose professions have been greatly impacted and challenged by COVID-19, pertaining to their line of work.

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Please ask your questions below in the comments section or on our FB page (relative to this blog).  You can, and we encourage you to, ask any question that comes to mind. Your question may be one of the many questions answered during the live broadcast which we will attribute to youu...uunless you state your questions confidentially.

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For example, many people have questions surrounding a coronavirus vaccine.   Here's an absolutely fascinating and informative interview with Dr. Lizzmehkia Corbett, the Lead Coronavirus Vaccine Scientist for the National Institute of Health, who is trying to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, according to the CNN interview conducted by CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Post your questions below and listen Sunday, April 26th between 10 a - 12 noon for the WBLK Live Broadcast Town Square Meeting. You're not limited to one question.

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