Ever breath into hand to check whether you have halitosis or your breath is coo and "good to go"l?  I'm sure most everyone has.  Well here are 5 drinks, according to www.blackdoctor.org, that can cause bad breath.

  1. It's that drink you NEED every morning to get you going, and without it... you're just a lazy bum ... are you willing to risk foul breath at the hands of your morning COFFEE?  According to blackdoctor.org, coffee dries out your mouth which provides a great environment for bacteria to grow, ultimately causing bad breath.
  2. This may put an end to your party plans this weekend, (and beyond) and sober you up very quickly...when you learn that ALCOHOL is a great contributor to stinky breath.  According to blackdoctor.org, this is another mouth drying agent which creates a home for bacteria to form in your mouth and cause bad breath.
  3. Cereal Lovers won't love this news...your cereal is cool...it's what you need to go with it that causes the problem.  MILK is a bad breath shoe-in because, according to blackdoctor.org, milk causes a build up of hydrogen sulfide in your mouth and you get the dreaded "MILK BREATH"!
  4. Vitamin C fanatics, I hate to break the news but ORANGE JUICE, according to blackdoctor.org is highly acidic and dries then mouth making Orange Juice a prime candidate for bad hot breath!
  5. Well there's a discrepancy regarding this item's name, which is primarily based upon your geographic location, but there's no debate over it being a prime "Bad Breath" candidate.  Some call it SODA, while others refer to it as simply "POP"... either way, the Bad Breath Police would be hot on your bad breath trail, if they existed.  According to blackdoctor.org,, soda (or "pop") is acidic and dries the mouth to the extent that your saliva stops flowing and leaves room for bacteria to grow, which causes your breath to be FOUL!


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