Remember all the Good Times on television?  Television today is nothing like it was "Back InThe Day"... It's In COLOR!!!!! Only kidding! There is a difference however!  Today's "Reality TV Shows" and Sitcoms are a far cry from "Good Times", "Sanford & Son", "The Cosby Show" and any of your favorite TV Shows from back In the Day (if you're old enough to have had the enjoyment and privilege to see the "Old Shows").

Well WBLK wants to bring those memories back...EVERYDAY..with "WBLK Flashback TV"... where you can come to wblk,com DAILY and watch an episode of your favorite Tv Show from "Back In The Day"!

Take The Polls below and tell me (Todd Anderson), and the WBLK Staff, what you think about this idea.  Personally, I think it will be great, and so much fun!!!!


Here's a WBLK "Flashback TV" episode of "Good Times" (with Ralph Carter (Michael) who will joining WBLK at this year's Annual "Old Soul Dance Party", Friday, October 26, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel)!

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