Severe weather is causing dangerous conditions on the lake.

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Buffalo and Western New York are not known for getting many Tornados. They do happen from time to time. Earthquakes also occasionally pop up but they are always fragile. One of the many perks of living in Western New York is it is not prone to many natural disasters that can't be shoveled. While it's true we get blizzards, it doesn't happen often. People in the Niagara Region tend to worry more about ice storms than snow because snow can be moved. Ice storms can bring down power lines and cause all kinds of havoc. Even then, Buffalo usually handles them with relative ease.

When it comes to Lake Erie, however, conditions can be wild. The lake is very shallow, and can be calm one minute, and treacherous the next. It's common for out-of-town boaters to have issues because the lake can be very deceiving in how quickly it can go from calm to problematic. Lake Erie also regularly gets Waterspouts, or tornados on the lake, during stormy conditions.

As seen here, a Waterspout popped up near Buffalo this morning:

In fact there is now a warning issued:

Thankfully when conditions are this way, very few boaters, if any, are out on Lake Erie. It's just a reminder of how volatile it can be.

More are being seen as the morning goes on...

It's also a credit to how people in BUffalo are able to understand the weather here. Most people around the country really don't. They just say it snows a lot here and are done with it. Sure it snows, but not NEARLY as often as people say it does. In fact most of the year it's very mild here. Summers are warm and sunny. Fall is often comfortable with lots of warmer days. Buffalo even has their own ways of predicting the weather.

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