FaceBook says a lot about a person...POSITIVELY!...  mostly because it allows us to highlight the things we LIKE as opposed to what we don't... AND... it allows us to share some of our proud accomplishments.

I was interested in a particular FaceBook Page today, and once I found it; I was very impressed with the owner... Samantha Cothran.  I don't know her personally but I think I have a pretty good idea...which is worth sharing with you.

Samantha Cothran seems to be from Buffalo, NY (from what I can tell on her FB Page) and attended Nardin Academy.  I looked up Nardin (http://www.nardin.org/index.php?dir=6 ) and quickly recognized that it is not "any old school"... it's a College Prep School, which tells me something about Samantha's upbringing.  Samantha was enrolled in Nardin because her parents wanted more for her than just the average, and see great potential in her.  They person is right on the money!!!  ... Because as I continued to look over Samantha's FB Page, I discovered a drive and determination equivalent to that of a student taking full advantage of a "Nardin type of school" education.


Samantha's FB Page exudes a passion for Music, Books (reading), Basketball, Movies, Dancing, Television...and interestingly, she likes cuddling, work, and SUCCESS!


As I read further I understand that Basketball is her passion.  Her idol and favorite athlete is (right on target with the NBA's choice) this year's NBA MVP... LeBron James.  Samantha even shows some interest in Coaching basketball and working with girls as noted on her page showing that she mentions the Guide To Coaching Basketball as well as an interest in the G.I.R.L.S. Sports Foundation.

Samantha has another Role Model she adores, more closely related to her gender,...and it's not the usual young female notable like a Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, etc... rather it's a Woman of Political Stature... Michele Obama.

Samantha reveals an affiliation with the Alpha's and Sigma's and expresses a yearning for a meaningful and good relationship, while vowing to "never cheat in a relationship".

Samantha is obviously very Career Oriented and chose to continue her education at one of the most notable and leading Black Universities in the United States, and follow in the footsteps of former students, the likes of W.E.B. Du Bois and Co-Founder of the NAACP, Booker T. Washington.  I'm talking about a 1ST Class Education (Academically and Socially) at Fisk University in Nashville, TN.

And as I dug a little deeper I noticed that Samantha was a member of the Fisk Women's Basketball Program... I went to the Fisk University Website and typed in "SAMANTHA COTHRAN" ... and this came up:







...it shows the Fisk Women's Basketball Roster and lists SAMANTHA COTHRAN as a 5'10" SENIOR.

Samantha Cothran is a young Black Woman, who is employed by Rite Aid as a Certified Pharmacy Technician... a position earned after completing her studies at Fisk University.  Samantha aspires to be a Pharmacist and who knows what that will lead to.  Samantha is well on her way to a life representative of greatness as a successful, influential Black Woman.

Samantha Cothran is the prime example of success... and her drive, determination, aspirations, and values epitomize how "LIFE" should be lived.... as revealed in her Facebook Page URL...http://www.facebook.com/samantha.WATCHHERDOIT