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Almax is a conscious Hip-Hop artist born and raised in the gritty city of Buffalo, NY. He is not a rapper; he is an extremely gifted emcee. He has a plethora of names (I.e. Al Mighty Max, Banx and Ocho Bankos to name a few). The name Almax is just short for his name given to him at birth, Allen Maxwell II. While many other names were given to him coming up in his music career.

Music is his passion; he’s been performing on stages since the age of 13 and writing music since the age of 11. Almax have huge intentions on releasing a couple of projects in the year of 2016, one being “A New Leaf” & the other being “God Is My Covering”. At this moment and time, he has a single that he just released entitled “Life Is” f/ Babie Gurl, an extremely talented Neo-Soul Artist and Femcee. He will be performing throughout the year to promote his projects and running many promotional campaigns.

He is more than music and a very rare talent! Almax is also a motivational speaker, a role model, CEO/President and Co-Founder of the Youth/Community Organization “4 Quarters”, a graphic designer, a photographer as well as an electrifying entertainer. Though he may not be a “Christian Rapper”, he puts God first in everything that he does and he gives it his all every time. He has a great deal of substance in his music, you can feel his passion and pain in his words. Almax has opened up for artists such as Little Brother, Prince Po, Papoose, Brother Ali and Sean Price. His aim is to reach the youth and to push them into a positive direction, especially seeing how music happens to be a humongous influence in the lives of others.

One of his favorite quotes is “Stop planning to execute and EXECUTE THE PLAN”. That quote was created by him himself as a reminder to stay on track. Without a plan, there is nothing to execute and when there is nothing to execute it’s due to a plan not being involved.


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