There is another mural that has been painted in Buffalo and they plan to unveil it with an elaborate event that you are invited to!

One thing that Buffalo has become to be known for is the beautiful murals that have been painted all over the city.  It seems that new ones are popping up all over the place these days.

There is a new one at D'Youville College that has been painted by artist Maya Hayuk and it's about to get the rockstar treatment when it comes to the unveiling.

It's One Of Buffalo's Largest Murals

First, according to their Facebook page, the mural is going to be one of the biggest you will find in the Queen City.  It covers an area 45 feet high and 95 feet wide and used roughly 95 gallons of paint and primer.  It's huge.

Where And When Will It Take Place?

They're going to have an elaborate unveiling event tomorrow night to show it off to the community.  It was originally supposed to take place last night but was postponed to Thursday (8/12).  They invite you join them at 301 Connecticut Street at 9pm.  Parking will be available at D’Youville HUB lot D. Entrance on West Street.

This is the coolest part...

When I say it's getting a rockstar treatment, I mean it.  You'll be able to take in special music that was created and produced specifically for this event.  Plus, they will put on a light show and fireworks that will be choreographed to match that music!

It should be quite the event!


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