Did someone go too far at the Hamburg BurgerFest by having a display of Hilary Clinton in a coffin, or is this just freedom of someone's opinion? Take a look at the display and vote!

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During the Village of Hamburg's BurgerFest, there was open coffin hitched to a 1920s Model-T Ford was with a full-sized doll that looked like Hillary Clinton! The organizers of the festival have apologized, according to the Buffalo News. I know we all have differing opinions on politics, but is this the way to express that? On the other hand, we do live in a country where we can express ourselves freely, even if other people don't agree with us. No matter how you feel about it, let me know, voice your opinion by participating in the poll below! Do you think it was distasteful or it freedom of expression, something we are promised as a right in this country?

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