Picture it now.  The family is gathering around the dinner table.  Old uncle Al is sleeping in the easy chair, and the smell of....Chicken is radiating from the oven?   Sure, it's not the scenario that most of us are familiar with when it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner.

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But due to supply chain issues, a bunch of retailers nationwide are warning their customers to shop early, or risk having to stray from their traditional Thanksgiving Dinner menus.

Market Research firm IRI says;

"Product availability in the whipped toppings, liquid gravy, bakery pies and frozen pie/pastry shells categories were between 5 and 13 percentage points lower this week than the same time last year, but availability has been improving in these categories compared to a week ago. Conversely, bottled cider and pie/pastry filling categories have in-stock levels on par with this week last year, but their stock levels are low, and supply is declining compared to last week. Holiday shoppers should plan to shop early for those key ingredients that are experiencing significant out-of-stock levels or prepare to make creative substitutions."

So just what does that mean?  Well, you should probably head out to grab the following ASAP or run the risk of not having these items at all.

1. Turkey - It seems that the amount of turkey in stores this year, is 22% lower than it was in 2020.  So unless 22% of Americans decide not to have turkey this year, there could be a problem

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2. Gravy - You can't have turkey without the gravy right? If you're one of those households that don't make their own gravy, You may want to get some now.  Gravy supplies are 12% lower than they were a year ago.

Credit - Kraft-Heinz Inc.

3. Cream Cheese - Thinking of whipping up grandmas' cheesecake for dessert this year?  The head of Kraft Foods, makers of Philadelphia Cream Cheese is saying that supplies are low

Credit - KraftHeinz Food Service

4. Baking Supplies - If deserts are your jam, you best stock up on your ingredients now. According to GoBakingRates.com

"Due to the economic strain caused by the pandemic and global supply shortages, the price of staple ingredients has been rising"

So head out now, and grab that sugar, flour, and chocolate chips.  And save us some cookies

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