The last time a seriously threatening Ice storm took place was in 2000-2001 to my recollection and the way the current threat is looking, we're in for a ride...speaking of which you probably SHOULD NOT DO.

According the Buffalo News, this is what Commissioner Steven Stepniak was quoted as saying regarding the Ice Storm Coming:

"When you have wind you must be alert, because tree branches crack and fall and may bring power lines down with them,  "Walking could be treacherous with a layer of ice on the streets and sidewalks. If you don't have to go out, please don't. "We have a stockpile of salt and we are ready," the streets commissioner said during a media briefing Saturday afternoon in City Hall. "It’s looking like less for the city, and more for Niagara County and the north towns, be diligent, pay attention to your surroundings. Be careful with generators because they emit carbon monoxide.  The sewer crews are out monitoring the conditions,   It is typically the amount we would get in a snow meltdown, and we can handle that." "In 2006 we had a full tree canopy and 22 inches of wet snow fell, "This time it's ice. Typically tree branches can handle a .10-inch of ice without problem. Add the wind, and that's when you have branches breaking off."

Here's what happened in October of 2006:

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