It is that time of the year in Western New York.

You are walking outside to your car this morning and when you get inside temperature reads 39 degrees. You're going to need the heat on in the car. By the time you leave work, it might be 30 degrees warmer and you'll want the air conditioner.

The National Weather Service even said in some parts of Western New York there is a CHANCE that there might be 8 inches of snow. BUT--in true Buffalo, New York fashion, the weather can change DRAMATICALLY from one day to another.

Even though you saw hail and snow this week in Western New York, temperatures will be knocking on the door of 70 on Saturday. A lot of bars still have their patios open and if they have an outdoor bar, they might be back outside for another outdoor drinking session!

Where is the best patio in Western New York? Without a doubt, it is Britesmith Brewing over on Main Street in Williamsville. The brewery is only a few years old but is certainly one of the most popular places in the area. In fact, if you have ever tried to go there on the weekend, you have to line up early to get inside.

Britesmith easily has the best outdoor patio in Western New York and we called to check--they are still open. It is located right on the water with an outdoors and rustic theme. Sitting at the outdoor bar you'll see an old tree going right through it, the booze behind the bar is sitting on blocks of wood and there are tiki lights throughout that create a very cool vibe. This weekend's weather looks perfect so go check it out before the season takes a turn!

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Summer weather is here in Western New York and that means we have about 3 to 4 months to get out and enjoy it.

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