Walmart Inc. has received it's first lawsuit of the year and it's not looking to good for them. According to the Huffingtonpost, 20 year old Robert Jourdain was intoxicated when he entered a Pennsylvania Walmart and purchased bullets for a .38 Smith & Western revolver handgun. Three families are suing the wholesale chain because of the 3 deaths of innocent victims killed by Jourdain who was over the legal alcohol limit and underage. Not only did the anonymous cashier conduct an illegal, they failed to id Jourdain which is required when purchasing a firearm. This lawsuit comes out the same day Pres. Barack Obama released his plan of action of Gun Control.

Legal team for Jourdain is saying their client wasn't aware of his actions and plans to plead 'Not Guilty'. According to reports from local authorities, the events were 20 minutes apart. Jourdain turned himself in to authorities after his vehicle was found by police. It sounds like this was pre-meditated, but we'll have to wait and see what the outcome is.In my opinion the establishment that sold him the alcohol beverages should be fined as well as SHUT DOWN. Walmart will be held accountable for this incident, but they've yet to come forward with an official statement.