There is a major controversy surrounding the professional fishing world this week. Cheaters have been caught attempting to add weight to their catch prior to the official weigh in and things got heated to say the least.

It got UGLY when the other contestants found out and this video has been seen over 12 million times! WARNING THIS VIDEO HAS STRONG AND EXTREME LANGUAGE.

According to the New York Times

Mr. Fischer, the director of the tournament, known as the Lake Erie Walleye Trail, inspected one of the walleye and felt a hard object in its stomach that seemed unnatural. “It’s not like they’re eating rocks,” he said.

Since the incident, Western New York organizations have spoken out and made a statement on social media. Southtowns Walleye Association of WNY is probably the biggest and most respected walleye group in the area and released the following on Facebook.

I have heard people joke about and rumors that people add weight to their catches. But I never thought it would be real or actually happen. To see it on this scale of a tournament is absolutely shocking! I can't blame anyone for being mad about this. The time, money and hard work that anglers put in is pretty incredible to say the least. Not to mention the money sponsors put it to make it all happen as well. I have been hunting and fishing for as long as I can remember and it really comes down to this. Can you really enjoy the win/trophy if you have to cheat?

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