We are hooking one lucky Kevin Hart fan up with premium (P1) tickets to his Irresponsible Tour on Sunday, May 6th at the KeyBank Center, but we need your help in deciding who should get the tickets! Check out these stories!

1. Maria Escalera
"I'm a manager at my work place and I was so tired and exhausted I was supposed to close the store and I accidentally left my keys to close the store in the safe of the store so had to wait for the store manager to get to the store and open it for me then when we left I left my key in the door if it wasn't for my store manager being there I would have really lost my job do to being tired and irresponsible."

2. Antoinette Kniesh
"My husband is back home in St Catherine, Jamaica. I suppose to be completing my divorce paper so he can file his request to enter Canada. I told him I completed the paperwork but just have not had the time."

3. Diamond Porter
"About a year or two ago my aunt and I was downtown taking care of business . I just got a new i.d cause my old one was due to expire , my birth certificate and the birth certificate card . We went for lunch and drinks at Fridays . I had 3 long islands and decided it was time to go home . It wasn't until I had got home and woken up from my nap and realized I left my entire purse containing my birth certificate social security card, ID, wallet containing money and bank cards all at Fridays!
Unfortunately by the time I remembered someone had picked it up."

4. Jessica Calixte
"Last year I was happy I got my taxes and rushed to buy a car .I was doing great on the payments till I took my behind to the club house which I call the casino. I started losing money and wasn't paying my car note months go by and I'm still being irresponsible knowing I gotta work and take my kids to important places . car company wasn't feeling the late payments so they sent the bounty hunters lol to get my little car . now I'm sick and really saying how can you be so stupid and irresponsible. I was without a car for some months now I'm driving a car that sound like a lawn mower! I should of paid my bill."

5. Rikki Cason
"My most irresponsible thing I've was put off changing the oil in my truck. Day after day it was always something more important. It was this or that, ill do it tomorrow. Until I had put it off to long and blew the engine. Blew the engine on a truck i was still paying for .... Danm!! So its get engine fix or pay on a truck I don't have any more. So long story short.. I ended up paying 2,000$ when I could've gotten the oil changed for 25$ believe me it'll never happen again... Sh*t!"

6. Monique Halton
"I took my bill money light bill money went out to a club but close forgot to pay the bill get a phone call that my son asthma started acting up and he needed the breathing machine it was the worst thing that I had to ever experience knowing that my something bad could happen to my son so I pay my bills first before doing anything now I love my son it would have killed me if anything would happen to him cuz I chose to go out pay bills and I pay my light bill and leave my son there with no oxygen to breathe but the tube cuz I forgot to pay the bill."

7. Toshiko Exum

"I was young and dumb. I left my 2 kids in the car while I ran into B-kick to get some bread. While I was checking out some stranger had my kids, looking for me. That still haunts me to this day."

8. Emily Schramm
"I listen to my kids father about my kids and the status of their living arrangements went to Family Court and I was irresponsible by flipping out and telling the cops and judge that I was not willing to do what I needed to do swore at the cop told him to F off now I found myself in a worse off situation due to my kids were removed from me the goal is for them to return home but I have to go through a process now and play the game to fix this matter."

9. Joni Johnson
"My worst irresponsible moment would have to be the time I asked my sister to go with myself and five out of seven of my children on a little road trip vacation to Florida. Well that would of been fine if my electric bill wasn't due, so when we got back home to NY 5 days later my electric was off. So yes that would have to be the most irresponsible thing I've ever done. I mean great memories awesome pictures, but DEFINITELY wrong time."

10. Julia Hasasneh
"I work at a summer camp, and I girl asked off and I wanted to take an extra shift for some extra money. The shift was basketball. When I got there I had no clue what to do and I was trying to teach the kids basketball but in all honestly I didnt know how to play basketball. I really shouldve looked up some drills before.... Becuase the kids ( age 5-7) parents were watching and they knew I didnt know anything about basketball, some 2 parents came and helped coach them."

11. Tiffany McLeod
People run late for very important dates all the time, it happens that's life... but has running late ever caused you to break not one but two of your feet in less than a years time? Well that's the story of my life. Yup I broke my right foot at home, no story worthy of telling. Just happened to be running behind schedule, was running around the house like a chicken with their head cute off, tripped over my cat & sure enough broke my foot. Outta work for 6 weeks! Less than 6 months later same deal running late for work, running outta the house like there is no tomorrow got into a fight with a big ole pot hole! You guessed it left foot broken! Had my boot from before & trucked those 6 weeks back to work. So I guess the moral of my Irresponsible story is running late is never safe! It's best to be on time to avoid any unnecessary bodily injury!

12. Christina Green
"I believe the most Irresponsible thing I ever did was shut my son up in the stroller and looking for him for about 5 min until I seen the stroller moving omg I cant believe I am telling anyone . I just took a walk with me and my friend n her kids and my son n daughter my son was in the stroller and she was walking beside me now by the time we get too the house I am so busy talking and making Sure I have every kid I shut up the stroller and never thought twice that my son was still in there I start to say where is Nas as I am looking me and my friend both looking lost of course she missed me close him in there cause it would never happened I turn too and see the stroller move just a lil I am like omg Noooo Looked at her and said please don't tell no one we both laughed it off but I couldn't believe I really did that that's my story."

13. Sharilyn Huard
"I took my 11 year old daughters phone cuz she was being bad and because my phone broke when I had returned her phone I thought I deleted everything but in her photos was a picture of my t*ts and ass smh!"

14. Natalie Ortiz
"My fiancé left for a meeting I was cooking rice with Vienna sausages over the stove went outside with all 4 kids and the dog cause it was a beautiful day. Forgot the food and the whole pot caught on fire. My house was full of smoke. It took literally about 2hiira for the smell to get out. I was spraying the crap out the house and lit all possible candles. Left doors and windows open and he never found out cause I bribed my little ones into staying quiet."

15. Victoria Rolley
"My kids were at their after school program and they closed at 5pm. They were suppose to be open until 6pm but that was the following week. I read the monthly calendar wrong. Haha I was at home dancing and singing(something I do on a regular) and I get a phone call at 5:18pm from my kids asking where I'm at bc the program is closed and they are sitting outside. The staff put them out and left. I was pissed but it was my fault for not paying attention. Good thing I didn't live far. This happened in October so it wasn't zero degrees outside but their only 8 and 6."

16. Kimberly Martinez
"I got kicked out of college for smoking weed in the back with residents, I was an R.A. Also let people secretly into the back of buildings they weren't exactly allowed to be in. Smoked weed in the room. Meh got caught for that. Haha oops!"

17. Angela English
"My most irresponsible moment was when I allowed an ex-coworker to convince me to put in my resignation at a job because I thought they was going to terminate me. All to find out that they wanted my job. The irresponsible part was I had kids to take of and bills to pay. So, while they were parading around at work, I was worrying how I was going to take care of home. At that point I had to put my pride aside and go ask for my job back. Being young and dumb had put me in several irresponsible situations. But thank God that I learned from my irresposibilities and started be responsible from that point on."

18. Matthew Anderson
"So one day last summer in June. I came home very late I was drunk and hungry but I also was so sleepy. So I decided to make me some chicken fingers. But I never got to put the chicken fingers in the grease. I fell asleep and when I woke up the next morning a little after 11a.m. I go use the bathroom and noticed black residue everywhere. So I entered the kitchen and I burnt the pot and the ceiling tiles. The fire on the stove was still on. Luckily I didn't burn the whole house down and the fire department wasn't called. I also didn't have smoke in my lungs and I thank God for that. So that's my irresponsible story."

19. Sophia Gonzalez
"I took my kids to my cousin house for a get together got so drunk I ended up leaving without half of my kids they ended up calling the next day saying they were hungry I said why the f*ck is you calling me."

20. Taylor Ford
"I just got my fully Packed U-Haul to my new house when I went to pull into my neighbors across the street driveway so that I could back the U-Haul into my driveway when my sisters boyfriend start screaming at me to stop driving because I hit the street sign I were in the street sign completely over then I kept going forward into my neighbors driveway and I ran over all of their pots with flowers and garden gnomes in them crack them all backed into my driveway and went about my day unloading the U-Haul into my new house."

21. Tammy Shaw
"When its raining out, I dont take my dog for a walk to go to the bathroom because I dont want to get my hair wet. I could chain her up by the back door, but she ALSO hates getting her hair wet, and I can relate, so I just let her go in the house! #BadMom"

22. Robinette Moody
"The time that I was most irresponsible; My mom was sick with Lupus and was often hospitalized and I was young and did not understand what her illness was about or what it entailed and I often had to go to a Foster home until she was better and got out. The last time she was in the hospital, I ran away from the foster home and I should have went straight to the hospital to see her then but I didn't and I was sent to East Ferry Detention Center where I later was told that my mother had died in the hospital and all I could think about was the fact that I didn't get a chance to go say goodbye to her one last time and the next time I saw her was at her funeral and this is where I had to say my final goodbye to her. This was the time that I was most irresponsible in my life and the time that I can't never forgive myself for."

23. Denise Greiner
"I was at the casino enjoying their free wine when before I knew it I was very intoxicated. On the way up to our room I stumbled and twisted my ankle which resulted into my ankle broken in 3 places. I had surgery and 2 rods, a plate and 8 screws were placed in my ankle. This was my very irresponsible moment!!"

24. Rachael Janczylik

"On my 19th birthday, my daddy went ahead and gave me his credit card so me and my girls could spend $500 on taking ourselves out to eat, getting our hair and nails done. Real simplistic sweet shit. Well, halfway through shopping my raggedy self decided it would be a good idea to take his card and go up to Canada for the night. I clearly lost my mind and swiped that card every place I could. Restaurants, bff tattoos, the strip club, the bar... anywhere and everywhere we could go we went acting like we were be ballers. I couldn't even tell you how much of that man's credit I used, but I do know it was maxed out when I tried to pay for our hotel and we ended up having to sleep in my friend's car huddled in the backseat like fools.
When I finally came home the next day I tried to lie to my daddy; tell him someone must have stolen it out of my purse while we were getting our nails done (now mind you my nails clearly were not done, and a few of my friends had already posted our adventure all over social media-straight caught) I tried to pull the 'babygirl-card' "I'm sorry daddy." "I can't believe this happen" blah blah blah he knew what was up and didn't even pretend to hear my nonsense. But with no anger in his voice he explained to me "Now see that card was yours anyways. That was your fees fall tuition this year, but since you clearly want to act like you don't have no type of home training obviously you don't belong living on nobody's campus anyways."
I spent that entire summer broke and had to push my college entrance date back to the following year."

Credit: LOL Network via Youtbe.com

"Hart’s last multi-city domestic and international WHAT NOW comedy tour sold out large venues all over the world, including being the first comedian to sell out an NFL stadium, selling over 50,000 tickets in one show at Lincoln Financial Field. Internationally, he sold out over a dozen arenas in the European market, selling over 150,000 tickets, and sold out arenas across Australia, selling 100,000 tickets. Hart’s hit comedy tour grossed over $100 million worldwide.

2017 was a banner year for Hart, his memoir I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons debuted at Number One on the New York Times Bestseller list and remained on the list for ten consecutive weeks.  The book also topped records on the Audible platform, selling over 100,000 copies in the first five weeks. Earlier in the year Hart voiced a title character in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.  To close 2017, Kevin appeared in the Sony reboot of the classic film Jumanjialongside Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black.  Jumanji has been Kevin’s highest grossing box office release to date, the movie has made over $800 million worldwide. 

 Hart’s newest business venture is his digital platform the LOL NETWORK - Laugh Out Loud, the comedy brand and multi-platform network founded by Hart in partnership global content leader Lionsgate. Hart’s next feature film is Night School for Universal, a film in which he co-wrote, produces and stars in - all under the Hartbeat production banner.  The comedy follows a group of misfits who are forced to attend adult classes in the longshot chance they’ll pass the GED exam." ~ Live Nation 

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