The Buffalo Bills have been making a big splash this year during the NFL Free Agency Period.

Even though we try hard to keep Buffalo a secret, it's getting pretty difficult to do that lately; which is a good thing because the higher profile in the area allows us to court bigger and better free agents to town. That, of course, is evident by the Buffalo Bills recent signing of NFL Super Bowl Champion Von Miller.

There had to be a lot of talk behind the scenes to help bring such a great player who won a championship in Los Angeles to such a small market city like Buffalo. It seems that Josh Allen played a very big part in convincing Miller to join the #BillsMafia.

Bills fans across the world have been overjoyed by this singing, including #BillsMafia super fan Benny the Butcher.

The Butcher recorded a special message specifically for Von Miller.

Aye Yo, this Benny the Butcher, on behalf of the whole Buffalo, New York, and the whole Bills Mafia, I want to welcome Von Miller to the Bills. Let's go!
-Benny the Butcher

The collaboration between the Buffalo Bills, Black Soprano Family, and Benny the Butcher looks to be stronger than ever and I can only imagine what The Butcher, along with the entire Griselda crew, has cooking in the lab.

Needless to say, we're all excited for what the Buffalo Bills have in store for us in the coming season.

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