This video shows a violent beating at North Tonawanda High School! Do you think the student should be arrested??

Credit: WGRZ

North Tonawanda Superintendent, Greg Woytila, confirmed to WGRZ that the fight happened in the cafeteria on Friday.

The school posted its official statement on the district's Facebook page:

"In response to the fight in the cafeteria at NTHS this past Friday, the school district is working with authorities to ensure that the proper steps are taken to address the situation. To the extent appropriate, disciplinary measures will be taken against those responsible. We are working with the families to offer support and ensure this does not happen again."

North Tonawanda Police Chief Roger Zgolak said to WGRZ, "We have no complaint. No parent has come forward. Unfortunately some pea brain puts this on social media, and now everybody thinks that North Tonawanda is the bullying capital of Western New York. No parent has come forward saying 'My kid was beat up. I want somebody arrested. I want somebody charged.' We have nothing. We're done with it as far as I'm concerned." He stated to Channel 2, that the video does not show that the victim of the beating had reportedly thrown food across the cafeteria, instigating the fight. When channel 2 pressed him, asking if he was downplaying the situation, he said "I'm just saying, number 1, it's not a case of bullying. It was a fight between two juveniles, precipitated by one angering another. No, I do not condone what the lashing out student did. But I got to believe the school district is handling it the way that they would, in house."

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