These are the heroes in life! Check out this video of a cat getting an oxygen mask after getting rescued in a house fire in Rochester, New York!

This is the kind of stuff success story that you love to see on the internet. There were a string of fires in Rochester at the same location, same home two days in a row on Glasser Street. This morning's fire at the home resulted in the brave fire fighters going in and rescuing a dog and then a cat, which needed some help. In the video below, provided by Scott Barstow or Spectrum News on Twitter, you can see emergency personal working on a cat, hooking up an oxygen mask to the animal. Some Twitter users were even saying that the fire fighters were seen giving the cat CPR.

UPDATE: As of 9 pm Thursday night, the cat seems to be doing just fine.

Scott Barstow, who posted the videos on Twitter wrote: "I’m told by the deputy chief that this is the same location as a fire last night. Last nights fire was called suspicious as well as this mornings. A dog was rescued from the basement and a cat was rescued from upstairs. They are still working on the cat."

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