Everyone dreams of living large, but there are some mansions that can't seem to get anyone to buy them, even for a $1.

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Who would imagine that there are beautiful mansion that no one seems to want. TheRichest is highlighting some of them in video below. There is a 23-bedroom mansion off Lake Superior in Michigan, which is so isolated that the nearest major city, Green Bay, Wisconsin, is 200 miles away. The price was reduced by fifty-percent, from $40 million to $20 million, and it still didn't generate much interest.

A mansion in Montclair, New Jersey is available for purchase for $10, but of course there is a catch. The land the house sits on will be the site of 8 other houses, so you would have to move the mansion. Just imagine the headache and costs involved.

50 Cent's former mansion is up for sale, but doesn't have any buyers because it's just too big. There are 52 rooms in the mansion, including 21 bedrooms. He bought the house from Mike Tyson for $4.1 in 2003 and has since slashed the price to $2.9 million in an effort to sell it. Another mansion that is too big is on located in the United Kingdom. The 50,000 square-foot home has 103 rooms. The monthly bills like cleaning and utilities would just be too much for even most wealthy people. It has everything you need, but unless your family is the size of a small village, it's just too large.

Credit: TheRichest via Youtube

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