A 'Karen' interrupted her grand-daughter's class on Zoom to go off about Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama.

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A grandmother is now known as 'Zoom Karen,' after interrupting her grand-daughter's class to express what seems to be anger over Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama being mentioned. It's not exactly clear from the TikTok video what was said to spark her 'Karen' behavior, but she can be heard trying to check the teacher. Her face in the video has been blurred out.

Credit: stayflyest via TikTok

“No, you’re talking about BLM and all that stuff. And we’re not going to talk about it. Unless you want to hear what I have to say. And Barack Obama was biracial. He wasn’t just black. He should have owned both sides of his family.”

With the mention of Barack's racial heritage, it would seem that she is upset with President Obama being called the first 'Black' President. The teacher tries to explain the context of the discussion to the woman, saying,

"Ma’am, we’re reading a story and the question was presented to the students, ‘What’s the most important historical event that’s happened in your lifetime.”

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