Last night was a big night for the local music scene. “The Verbal Love Experience” at Blush made its comeback after over a month off. There was a special treat for Blush-goers that was a big moment for our city….
A lady MC and her band came all the way from Germany to grace the stage! Her name? Akua Naru and The Digflo Band shut. It. DOWN! They’re on a US tour right now and one of their first stops was right here in Buffalo, NY.

Her flow was unlike any other female I’ve heard before. Her energy was on a whole different level and everyone in Blush last night would probably agree with me.

It was such an amazing experience to have an amazing band performing with a dope FEMALE MC. Their set was flawless. Very well put together and it had a real good vibe to it. There were musicians with multiple talents, a DJ who used his 1s & 2s more like an instrument, and a woman to hold it all together and match a confident flow to some musical genius.

I have to send a LOT of love out to Q Boogie & Drea for everything they do. They are responsible for the bliss that is “The Verbal Love Experience.” They bring the LIVE band (much love to the band that includes some REAL players in the Buffalo music game like Michael DiSanto & Joy) and DJ (shoutout to DJ AOne) and all we have to do is show up and listen.

Performers from last night’s show killed their sets as well. Billy Drease Williams, Bentlee, Moe Badger & Patience were just a few of the many talents that hit the stage.

Mondays have come to be my favorite night of the week because of this event. The energy is unlike anything else you’ll find in the city. No drama and all love.

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